What are the dark side of ADHD? (2024)

What are the dark side of ADHD?

Individuals with ADHD can be very successful in life. However, without identification and proper treatment, ADHD may have serious consequences, including school failure, family stress and disruption, depression, problems with relationships, substance abuse, delinquency, accidental injuries and job failure.

What are the dark thoughts of ADHD?

Some negative thoughts come from inside you. Anxiety and low self-esteem are common in people with ADHD. You may worry that you aren't good enough or that you'll fail. Negativity also comes from outside -- parents and others who criticize you for behaviors you can't control.

What are some sad facts about ADHD?

Many can't hold a job or stick with a relationship. They're chronically late or forgetful. They jump into jobs and purchases and relationships without thinking them through, only to regret their impulsive actions later. They get stuck in self-destructive patterns, fall prey to addiction and depression.

What are the real struggles of ADHD?

Adults with ADHD may find it difficult to focus and prioritize, leading to missed deadlines and forgotten meetings or social plans. The inability to control impulses can range from impatience waiting in line or driving in traffic to mood swings and outbursts of anger. Adult ADHD symptoms may include: Impulsiveness.

What is the sad part of ADHD?

It's very common for people with ADHD to experience short periods of intense emotion, including sadness, particularly in reaction to failure or rejection. These moments may look like depression, but the trigger and their brevity distinguish them from major depression.

Does ADHD cause emotional detachment?

People with ADHD may be seen as insensitive, self-absorbed, or disengaged with the world around them. Emotional detachment, or the act of being disconnected or disengaged from the feelings of others, is a symptom of ADHD.

Do ADHD people obsess over things?

While most people associate ADHD with hyperactivity and impulsivity, it can also manifest in more subtle ways, such as through intrusive thoughts and overthinking. Intrusive thoughts are unwanted and repetitive thoughts that can be distressing or disturbing.

Does ADHD get worse with age?

Can Your ADHD Get Worse as You Age? ADHD is a developmental disorder that's typically diagnosed during childhood. While the symptoms of ADHD may change with age, this condition often persists into adulthood. Rather than intensifying with age, ADHD tends to improve, especially with ongoing treatment and management.

What is looping in ADHD?

It traps your brain in a never-ending spiral where you are constantly repeating the thought of a past situation. You can think another topic, process it and switch to a new one, overthinking brain will continue to think about it, overlapping with the current topic that you are processing.

Do people with ADHD have anger issues?

Anger is not on the official list of ADHD symptoms . However, many adults with ADHD struggle with anger, especially impulsive, angry outbursts . Triggers can include frustration, impatience, and even low self-esteem. A number of prevention tips may help adults with ADHD manage anger as a symptom.

What is the hardest thing about ADHD?

Adults with ADHD often crave a lot of stimulation and excitement, so they can't stand doing ho-hum, routine tasks like filling out paperwork. They can take longer to do these kinds of projects or often avoid doing them entirely. It's tough for them to stay on top of things.

Do people with ADHD have bad handwriting?

A common difficulty experienced by children and young people with ADHD is poor handwriting. ADHD can co-occur with Dysgraphia which is a specific learning difficulty that impacts on writing skills.

What are the weaknesses of ADHD people?

All types of ADHD may include weaknesses in executive functioning. Thus, children with ADHD are more likely to have problems getting started on things, and have difficulty with planning, problem-solving, and time management.

Do people with ADHD struggle in relationships?

Distraction, procrastination, and other ADHD symptoms can stir anger, frustration, and hurt feelings for both the person with ADHD and the partner. But your marriage or relationship can thrive with proper treatment and tactics to ward off misunderstandings.

What do adults with ADHD struggle with most?

People with ADHD experience an ongoing pattern of the following types of symptoms: Inattention–having difficulty paying attention. Hyperactivity–having too much energy or moving and talking too much. Impulsivity–acting without thinking or having difficulty with self-control.

What no one tells you about ADHD?

ADHD may affect your ability to communicate and naturally connect with a wide range of people. Your relationships may suffer, and you may ultimately feel disconnected from your partner, family, and friends. You may easily lose touch with others because of ADHD symptoms like forgetfulness and disorganization.

Do people with ADHD cry easily?

Most people with ADHD have a very low frustration tolerance. They can be overly emotional about the stressors they experience. They don't have a barrier that allows them to set aside uncomfortable emotions, and they often become completely flooded by a feeling, making it unbearable.

What does an ADHD shutdown look like?

Symptoms of ADHD Paralysis

Some of the symptoms which might signal that a person with ADHD is experiencing this type of shutdown include: Being unable to get a task started, even when it's urgent. Having trouble maintaining focus. Poor time management and/or time blindness.

Do ADHD people like physical touch?

Often girls with ADHD have a physiological sensitivity that results in their not wanting to be touched or feeling really sensitive to physical affection, such as hugs. e best thing to do is to nd out what type of interaction will work for them, because they do want affection. Start by communicating about it.

Do people with ADHD like being touched?

ADHD and Physical Sensitivities

A simple pat on the shoulder from a caring teacher may feel irritating to some students with ADHD. As a result, the reaction creates problems for this child and confusion for the teacher.

Why do people with ADHD struggle with intimacy?

The attentional and emotional self-regulation challenges that can exist for partners with ADHD can interfere with experiential intimacy in several ways. First, the partner with ADHD may be distracted within the experience, missing the moment together.

Do people with ADHD hate being told what to do?

Impulsivity is a common trait in individuals with ADHD. They may act on their impulses without considering the consequences or thinking through the task at hand. When told what to do, their impulsive nature can lead them to resist or reject the instructions, as they prefer to follow their own instincts.

Does ADHD cause weird thoughts?

Many people with ADHD express frustration with the frequency and depth of negative and intrusive thoughts. These thoughts can be painful, and they may grow and grow until they affect daily life.

How do you calm an ADHD mind?

Exercise and spend time outdoors

Working out is perhaps the most positive and efficient way to reduce hyperactivity and inattention from ADHD. Exercise can relieve stress, boost your mood, and calm your mind, helping work off the excess energy and aggression that can get in the way of relationships and feeling stable.

What age is ADHD hardest?

After completion of basic schooling, some individuals find success in work that better fits their interests and skills. Usually, the most difficult times for persons with ADHD are their years from middle school through the first few years after high school.


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